Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weeSpring Parent Panel?

The weeSpring Parent Panel is a group of regular parents (just like you!) who've shared tons of helpful, constructive reviews on  From time to time, one of our brand partners will seek out the feedback of members of the Parent Panel and send them a product to test drive.  This helps generate buzz for the brands and lets the parents try out and keep cool new baby gear.

How do I sign up?

You don't!  The Parent Panel is an invite-only club, reserved for the most active members of the weeSpring community.  If you'd like to be invited, join and start sharing thoughtful, thorough reviews of the products you love most.  When we've seen that you've shared tons of helpful feedback for other parents, you'll receive an email with a survey.  This fun q&a helps us determine what products you are a good fit with to review, as well as which ones you are interested in reviewing.  This helps keep our pool of reviewers small and exclusive.

I'm new to weeSpring and got an invite via email.  Why do I need to rate so many products?

Your ratings on weeSpring help us matchmake you with the right products at the right time.  Most Parent Panel members have rated dozens (sometimes even hundreds) of products, but don't let that intimidate you. weeSpring reviews are tweet length, so you can dash one off in under a minute.

I completed the survey. Now what?

Great! We'll be in contact if you match one of brand partner's criteria.  Double-check that your email is correct on your survey and that your answers are accurate. To make sure you don't miss any opportunities, add and to your contact list.  New opportunities to test come up all the time and will usually have the following as the subject line: Parent Panel: You've been selected as a potential weeSpring product tester.

I received an invitation to try a product, but I haven't heard anything back.

It can take us up to two weeks to process our list and have the brand ship out. When they do, you will receive a welcome email. If you haven't received anything after a few weeks, you weren't selected for this panel. (We choose qualifying parents first-come, first-served.)

Do you get to keep the products you test?

Yup!  In most cases, the product is yours to keep.  Occasionally, one of our brand partners has a product so new and hot that they have limited supply; in those cases, you'll receive an exclusive discount or other gift. It's our (and the brand's) little way of saying thank you for being an awesome and helpful mama or dad.

What is an example of a helpful review?

We know sometimes it's hard to know what to write. To help out, we've provided tips for you and examples of especially helpful reviews in our Tips for an A+ Review section.

I didn't really like the product... will I get penalized if I write a negative review?

Of course not! In our view, a "good" review is an honest, constructive, and in-depth review.  Brands depend on parents like you to tell them everything - the good, the bad, and the ugly. This gives them great insight as to what is working and what is not, and in turn allows them to create a better product for other moms and dads just like you.

I just found out I'm pregnant again! How do I update my information?

First off, CONGRATS!  Not only are you going to have a bundle of joy, you're now eligible for opportunities for parents who are expecting or have a newborn. We are currently working on a form that you can easily update your info in but for now there is no system in place. So, when something does change, like a new baby, mailing address, or email address, just email our support desk at and mention you are a Parent Panel member.

I'm not sure how the reviewing process works.

It's very simple! Once you are selected for a panel, we will send you a welcome email. In this email you'll have a link to submit the reviews to us (so we can track them for the brands) and links to review the product on the retail site. All you have to do is write your review on the retail sites specified, copy and paste that info into the form link, and submit both. You don't have to email us as we'll have recorded your info internally.

I already responded to a survey and now I'm being asked for a review. I thought the survey was the review?

Nope! Surveys are just to gauge the panel's reaction to the product. Brands usually choose this option if the product is brand new or innovative so they can spot potential problems, go back to the drawing board, and not seed a bunch of bad reviews. 

If the panel responded well to the product, the brand will usually go forward and have the panel write reviews on the sites they specify. If there are a lot of product concerns by the panel or confusion, they will usually ask to just speak to a few panel members, and no further reviews will be needed.

The email said I need to mention that I received the product as a gift. Is that really necessary?

Yes. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines state that if you received a product in exchange for a review, you must disclose it.  It's part of their truth-in-advertising principle and as fellow consumers, we appreciate it and take it seriously.  That is why we highly encourage our members to review honestly as well.

I haven't gotten an invite to review in awhile. Did I do something wrong?

Most likely not. Sometimes we have brand requests come up that aren't in your child's age range or interest level.  So sit tight and one will come along soon!  In the meantime, here's some helpful hints to become one of our "superusers":

  • Did you respond promptly to weeSpring's email invite? Opportunities go quickly so don't delay when you see it in your inbox!

  • Did you disclose that you received the product as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel?

  • Did you respond promptly to our calls for reviews? We do check up on our reviewers and if we have found that you did not review, you will automatically be taken off our list.

  • Was your review helpful? Did it provide pros and cons as well as good feedback for other parents and the brand?

  • Did I submit my review to weeSpring on the unique link from the email?

I am on a panel to review an app but I don't know how to. Can you help?

Sure! For app reviews on an iPhone, please make sure you are logged in to your iTunes account and do the following:

  • Open the email we sent you and click on the link.

  • Click on the 'Reviews' tab in the gray and white bar.

  • Under 'Ratings and Reviews', click on 'Write a Review'.

For Android users, please make sure you are logged into your Google Play account and do the following:

  • Open the email we sent you and click on the link.

  • Scroll down the page and click on the desired 'star' rating.

  • Write your title and opinion and submit.

Any other questions? Email