Nanobébé Starter Set

The first bottle to preserve breastmilk nutrients

The starter set you have received is the perfect introduction to nanobébé’s exclusive ecosystem of innovative feeding products for the modern breastfeeding mom. The starter set includes these essentials:

Breastmilk Bottles- Are uniquely designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients and encourage a smooth transition from breast to bottle.

Smart Warming Bowl – Follows the World Health Organization’s recommendation that bottles should only be warmed with warm tap water. It’s unique geometry warms quickly and evenly.

Silicone Nipples – advanced 360° venting system to reduce colic.

Flexy Pacifiers – One-piece silicone construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for newborns, and babies love them!

Breast Pump Adaptors – Compatible with standard pumps on the market. Allows moms to conveniently express breastmilk directly into your nanobébé bottles for use or for storing.


Breastmilk bottles

nanobébé is the first feeding bottle specifically designed to protect precious breastmilk nutrients which are so essential to baby’s health.  Due to its increased surface area, the milk is spread into a thin layer, allowing it to cool quickly (reducing bacterial growth) and warm quickly (at safe temperatures), so that you can promptly feed your hungry baby without exposing breastmilk to nutrient-damaging temperatures.  In fact, the nanobébé bottle warms up 2-3 times faster than standard bottles. Additionally, nanobébé’s familiar shape encourages smooth and instinctual transition from breast to bottle for the times mom might need to be away from baby.



Breastmilk bottles

Nanobébé bottles safely cools and warms up to 2 times faster than your standard bottle providing less crying time and quicker access to nutrition for baby.

The familiar innovative shape mimics breastfeeding also makes it easy for little hands to hold it on  their own, and self-feed earlier.



Nanobebe’s breastmilk bottles are conveniently stackable, so you can save storage space in your fridge while tracking pumping order.