Here at weeSpring, trust and authenticity are our top priorities, so for us, a great (A+) review isn't always a good (positive) review... it's the most thorough and helpful one.  

Here's a quick checklist to help you ensure your review gets an A+ (which will increase your chances of test-driving more awesome products).

  • Did you use the review prompts to help write a thorough review?
  • Did you consider both the pros and cons of the product?
  • Is all of your spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct?
  • Did you include some context about yourself, so the reader can understand your perspective?
  • Did you include a picture of the product in action?
  • Did you disclose in your review that you received the product as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel?  This is a crucially important disclosure, and if you fail to do so, you may be ineligible for future Parent Panels.


How We Evaluate Reviews


Any questions for us about writing a helpful review?  Let us know!