If people say “A picture is worth a thousand words,” then imagine how many words a video is worth!  Here are some tips on creating a helpful, engaging video about a product you’ve tried.

Film your video horizontally.

(This means: hold your phone or tablet sideways.) We’re looking for videos that are easy to watch on any screen: a laptop, TV, tablet or smartphone.  (We won’t be able to use any filmed vertically.)

Enlist the help of a friend -- or a tripod.

The best videos make it easy to see you and the product. (If you’re solo and don’t have a tripod, you can rig a stable recording surface using stacks of books or other props.)

Lighting is everything!

Aim to shoot when you have good, natural daylight -- and be sure to position the camera so you’re facing the lightsource to avoid getting backlit in shadows.

Declutter before you start filming, and make sure we can hear you clearly.

Check what’s in the frame when you’re recording, and listen to make sure your voice is clear. We want the focus to be on you -- so want to limit any distractions. (We’ve been known to push toys and laundry into the corner for a few minutes.)

Try a practice run!  

It'll help you figure out what really needs to be said (and what you can skip). It will also help you to become well-versed in talking about your favorite features while actually using the product at the same time.


Need any additional tips or want to share one of your own?  Let us know!